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On behalf of the Namibian Catholic Bishops Conference (NCBC), the Catholic Health Services (CHS) operates in 16 health facilities throughout Namibia: 4 Districts Hospitals, 5 Health Centers and 7 Clinics, all subsided by the MoHSS. After the later, CHS stands as the second biggest public health service provider in Namibia. CHS, operating as a Non-Profit Organisation under section 21, took over the management of Catholic Church Health Facilities from the three different Dioceses in October 2001 and now employs about 800 Health care workers of which 10% are under the HIV/AIDS Program.

The Church's response to health challenges

Following in the footsteps of Jesus-Christ, Christians have taken care of the sick since the earliest days of the church. The source of the HIV/AIDS pandemic signaled another era whereby the church had to show even greater care and love and reach out to an increasing number of those sick and dying hopelessly with AIDS. The church took the challenge to offer innovative answers not only through addressing moral issues but also through compassionate action tackling prevention, treatment, care and support. This has been translated essentially through Catholic AIDS Action (CAA) offering prevention, care and support and the CHS HIV/AIDS program focusing on treatment but also prevention and care collaborative activities.