St. Mary's Hospital - Renovation
"We work together for a healthy future"

13.10.2009: Last inspection before the first four rooms of Phase 2 are handed back over to the Hospital

     First outside walls painted in new colour scheme

    The new reception of the low care ward

    One of the first Rooms to be handed over

    Renovated yard with incinerator and mortuary

   The new incinerator room

   The new mortuary getting finished

   Construction starts on the future hospital street

   The chapel getting finished

28.9.2009: Work in Low Care Wards advances quickly

11.8.2009: Visit of the Honorable Minister of Health, Dr. R. N. Kamwi. The Minister visited the Paediatric Ward (Phase 1 of the Renovation) and the Work Site currently under construction (Phase 2).

12.6.2009: Deconstruction of Low Care Ward (TB-Ward)


27.5.2009: Site Handover for Phase 2 with Sr. Angela (Director of Health CHS), Ms. B. Katjivena (Regional Director for Hardap, MOHSS), Mr. J. Groenewald (Groenewald Properties), Ms. Castellanos (MOHSS Project Responsible) Mr. J. Wohler (Control Officer St. Mary's Hospital), Mr. E. Siedentopf (Architect)